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113 stranglers tee blk (2).jpg

<NEW> mid 1980's The Stranglers "FELINE" blended t-shirt


114 the house of  love tee blk (3).jpg

<NEW> The House of Love "Destroy The Heart" blended t-shirt


135 stiff little fingers (2).jpg

<NEW> early Stiff Little Fingers V sign logo t-shirt


126 style cousil tee blk (4).jpg

<NEW> 1985 The Style Counsil "Internationalists" live t-shirt


100 frog & fly (2).jpg

<NEW> 1980-90's "Frog and Fly" picture book design t-shirt  DEADSTOCK


101 paul smith poetic (6).jpg

1980-90's Paul Smith poetic design t-shirt made in Portugal


78 panavision london (9).jpg

1990's PANAVISION LONDON night view graphic t-shirt


169 neworder academy (2).JPG

late 1980's New Order "Academy" promotion t-shirt


35 ps ls a (4).jpg

8-90's Paul Smith bootleg print l/s t-shirt DEADSTOCK A


36 ps ls b (2).jpg

8-90's Paul Smith bootleg print l/s t-shirt DEADSTOCK B


18 boy (4).jpg

80's BOY twin eagle t-shirt
very limited edition


20 target pd (4).jpg

7-80's British P.D. RAF target cotton t-shirt DEADSTOCK


21 target arrow (4).jpg

80's British target & arrow cotton t-shirt DEADSTOCK


12 paul smith tits (4).jpg

8-90's Paul Smith "Tits" porn t-shirt DEADSTOCK


13 paul smith 69 (7).jpg

8-90's Paul Smith "69" porn t-shirt DEADSTOCK



80's Betty Jackson crossed flags cotton t-shirt DEADSTOCK


8 ps aw90 (5).jpg

Paul Smith 1990 AUTUMN/WINTER for collection testprint t-shirt DEADSTOCK


2-1 (5).jpg

vintage Union Jack cotton t-shirt made in England


2-3 (2).jpg

vintage Union Jack hand printed t-shirt DEADSTOCK


22 pd tits (6).jpg

7-80's British P.D.(Prison Department) "tits" print t-shirt DEADSTOCK


7 target org (2).jpg

80's British "Target" test print t-shirt DEADSTOCK


9 army tee (4).jpg

1945's British Army cotton v-neck undershirt DEADSTOCK


13 the beatles (3).jpg

80's The Beatles "BOOTLEG" t-shirt


6 dennis the menace (3).jpg

80's Dennis the Menace with Gnasher t-shirt


9-c (3).jpg

80's U.K. SUBS "PARTY IN PARIS" t-shirt